Lightarian Ray Attunements

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Accelerate your spiritual transformation by receiving the Lightarian Ray Program, a series of powerful, guided-meditation attunements inspired by the Celestial Masters – Maitreya, El Morya, Buddha, Sananda, St. Germain and by our Universal Source. Once this connection is made, the particular Master works with you energetically in your etheric field to support your spiritual self-development.

Each Ray is an attunement that launches extraordinary energetic processing within your chakras, subtle bodies and physical body, which helps to create spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformations in your life. After receiving the Ray attunements, you will accelerate along your spiritual path perhaps more quickly and effectively, and with more grace and joy, than you would naturally be experiencing!

The first five Rays focus on the essential phases of spiritual processing: Empowerment, Clearing, Healing, Activation and Manifestation. The sixth Ray, called the Source Ray, focuses on lifting you further into the unfolding ascension process.


Empowerment Ray – is connected to Ascended Master Maitreya. This Ray acts as a “spiritual wake-up call.” This is the prerequisite to the other Rays.


Clearing Ray – is connected to Ascended Master El Morya. This Ray acts as an “etheric deep cleaning.”


Activation Ray – is connected to Ascended Master Sananda. This Ray energetically activates your latent etheric coding and triggers powerful, ongoing spiritual initiations, allowing more of your Higher Self energies to flow into your day-to-day life.


Healing Ray – is connected to Ascended Master Buddha. This Ray assists in initiating a powerful process of holistic self-healing, returning you to a state of balance and alignment.


Manifestation Ray – is connected to Ascended Master St. Germain. This Ray expands your capacity for manifesting on all levels, opening you to attract spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abundance, all to serve your highest purpose!


Source Ray – is an advanced, ascension-focused attunement and creates a dramatic leap to a new vibrational connection with even higher levels of divine energies. This Ray allows you to access all twelve of the Divine Virtues embodied by Source: Beauty, Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Imagination, Joy, Justice, Love, Loyalty, Power, Purity and Will. This attunement is only available to those who have received all five Lightarian Rays.


Teacher Training Program – With this Training Program, you receive the Lightarian Ray attunements for your personal benefit plus learn all of the necessary methods so that you can immediately attune your own clients.

 Empowerment Ray Training – $195 USD

 Clearing Ray Training – $195 USD

 Healing Ray Training – $150 USD

 Activation Ray Training – $150 USD

 Manifestation Ray Training – $150 USD

 Source Ray Training – $150 USD

 Lightarian Ray Teacher Package – $890 USD

Lightarian Ray Client Level Attunement As a Client – Receive the Lightarian Ray attunements as a client ( for your own personal benefit) is very rewarding. The Attunements are passed onto you via a simple, guided-meditation technique during a one-on-one private session, (or over the telephone or from a distance via remote telepathic techniques).

You may purchase each attunement separately or all six levels in a package.

 Empowerment Ray Client Session – $95 USD

 Clearing Ray Client Session – $95 USD

 Healing Ray Client Session – $75 USD

 Activation Ray Client Session – $75 USD

 Manifestation Ray Client Session – $75 USD

 Source Ray Client Session – $75 USD

 Lightarian Ray Client Package – $440 USD


The Lightarian Clearing program Attunements release many adverse energies.

  • Long-existing patterns contributing to physical stresses, discomfort and dis-ease; deep-seated emotional and mental restrictions and blockages
  • Limiting belief structures and unresolved soul-level spiritual issues
  • Adverse patterns sourced by family, cultural, ethnic, religious and other mass-consciousness influences
  • Undesired implants, attachments, strong behavior patterns and addictions, detrimental past and future life influences

Behaviors you will experience after clearing these adverse energies:

  • Experience of more conscious choice and one of less “automatic” behavior patterns, addictions, doubts, fears and pain.
  • Higher vibrational energies can flow allowing chakras and subtle bodies to “anchor in more Light!”
  • Gifts and talents that were dormant start to surface and your ability to create joy, clarity and abundance in your life are expanded!

Level 1 – Path Clearing – Clearing limiting soul-level patterns/programs, restrictive belief structures, emotional and etheric-physical stored energies

Level 2 – Birth Pattern Removal – When the fetus emerges from the womb, it carries with it the four lower subtle bodies and the beginnings of four mini-chakras (energy centers). These etheric energy fields bring forward into the new life a variety of strong, deeply ingrained patterns. The dominant source for these patterns has been etheric “imprinting” from the parents and any significant environmental impacts and influences during the pregnancy.

Level 3 – TemplateClearing – The etheric “body double” in the Etheric Template appears as a “direct-image” of the physical structure itself. These matching etheric and physical energies are direct reflections of each other and, in a sense, they source and influence each other.

Level 4 – Attachment Removal – Release of etheric links, cords or connections, psychic attack lines, etheric attachments, implants, etheric devices, etc. on a deeper level.

Level 5 – Lineage Clearing – Realignment of undesired energetic conditions. Imbalances are created when a given layer of your consciousness holds an “adverse belief” about itself. Perhaps, a layer of Soul experiences a sense of “I’m not lovable!” or a layer of Oversoul operates with the belief of “I’ve been abandoned by Spirit!” or perhaps a layer of Higher Self carries the belief that “I’m not worthy!” The cumulative effects of these subtle adverse belief structures will perhaps color, shade and distort the experiences within your spiritual lineage and create misalignments.

As adjustments take place based on the Clearing work, these apparent adverse belief structure energies are dissolved. As the imbalances are removed in this process, a greater sense of alignment among your levels of Self is realized and your sense of becoming “more One” with Source is accelerated!

Level 6 – Veil Removal – And lastly, we turn to the most advanced level of clearing work, the releasing of veil energies. Clearing levels within your energies any distortions and imbalances based upon adverse belief about the Self.


Teacher Training Program – With this Training Program, you receive the Clearings attunements for your personal benefit plus learn all of the necessary methods so that you can immediately attune your own clients.


Lightarian Clearings Teacher Level

Path Clearing – $195 USD

Birth Pattern Removal – $150 USD

Template Clearing – $150 USD

Attachment Removal – $150 USD

Lineage Clearing – $150 USD

Veil Removal – $150 USD

Lightarian Clearings Teacher Package – $850

Lightarian Clearings Client Level

As a Client – Receive the Lightarian Clearing attunements as a client, for your own personal benefit, is very rewarding. The Clearings are passed onto you via a simple, guided-meditation technique during a one-on-one private session, (or over the telephone or from a distance via remote telepathic techniques).

Path Clearing – $95 USD

Birth Pattern Removal – $75 USD

Template Clearing – $75 USD

Attachment Removal – $75 USD

Lineage Clearing – $75 USD

Veil Removal – $75 USD

Lightarian Clearings Client Package – $420

The Lightarian AngelLinks™

With the Lightarian AngelLinks you will be connected with very a high vibrational team of angelic beings.  Seraph Rose Aura and four Archangels (Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel).

Typically, the connections created via the AngelLinks are much deeper than the angelic contacts that humans have long been experiencing. These linkages with Seraph Rose Aura and the four Archangels are especially fine-tuned, extremely high-vibrational and truly permanent in nature. They are very different from the more traditional “telepathic and etheric interactions” that many individuals already have with the Angels. Each of these AngelLinks sets up a new, very special kind of linkage within your energy fields to allow you and these angelic beings to work together more effectively.

The Angels focus is to help you embody and expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy in your day-to-day life. In addition to these five major angelic qualities, each angelic being will be a guide for you in these other specialized ways:

            * Assisting you in navigating within the etheric realms

            * Supporting you with divine healing

            * Stimulating your creative expression

            * Making your communications more effective.

Your initial AngelLink with Seraph Rose Aura is received in a few simple steps…

Your Rose Aura AngelLink connection is passed on to you by the Institute’s Master Facilitator via a simple, guided meditation technique called an attunement. AngelLinks can be received, by telephone or remotely (from a distance).

After receiving your Rose Aura AngelLink, you become a “Facilitator” and once registered can then begin sharing your Rose Aura connection with others. In this way, you become an “angelic conduit” and participate in the expansion of these divine qualities and patterns throughout humanity.


Archangel Michael’s AngelLink

Through this AngelLink connection, Archangel Michael will work “in your etheric background” to provide ongoing support for you in creating non-judgment in all areas of your life. He will also focus on assisting you in successfully navigating within the etheric realms via telepathy, channeling, conscious etheric travel, etc. Michael was the first Archangel to step forward to offer his AngelLink.


Archangel Uriel’s AngelLink

Archangel Uriel has stepped forward to provide us with an infusion of angelic beauty that will allow you to experience the “feminine side of beauty” through a heightened sense of appreciation and the masculine side of beauty through the stimulation of your talents for creative expression. Through this AngelLink connection, Uriel can help stimulate your creativity and inspiration for artistic expression in its many forms.


Archangel Raphael’s AngelLink

 Archangel Raphael has stepped forward to support us with an infusion of angelic courage and divine healing. He will assist you in moving more courageously through life and will help to light your way into the future. Also, with Raphael’s assistance via this AngelLink, you will be able to more effectively avoid the challenges and hurdles of life…and also more clearly see the opportunities and spiritual rewards that lay ahead. Archangel Raphael’s AngelLink will also provide support for you in your healing process. He is known as the “divine healer” and will help you discover the “divine healer” within yourself.


Archangel Gabriel’s AngelLink

Archangel Gabriel’s focus is on joy and communications! Through this AngelLink, he teaches us to take time to recognize and experience the existing joys that abound for us and to manifest new and exciting levels of joy in our day-to-day lives. Gabriel is also traditionally known as the great communicator for the Divine. So, he is especially able to help you with inner communications for accessing your “personal knowing and intuition”, as well as to provide practical support for effective communications in your outer, day-to-day life.

Seraph Rose Aura $125 USD

AA Michael $95 USD

AA Raphael $95 USD

AA Uriel $95 USD

AA Gabriel $95 USD

AngelLinks Package $454 USD

AngelLink Extensions are now available

The Lightarian Purification Rings ™

This set of attunements creates powerful connections with the Seraphim, a specialized angelic team of seraphic energies consisting of different Seraphic groups that will expand your energetic vibration.

The Seraphim’s intentions are to infuse into the energy fields of humans many of the qualities and energetic patterns which they embody to assist us in operating in a pure state of bliss.

Their focus is to help you embody and expand the pure seraphic qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmonization, beauty, and bliss in your day-to-day life. In addition to these five major seraphic qualities, each seraphic group will serve as guides for you in these other specialized ways:

Seraphim Y gifts us with the Seraphic Blue Flame of Wholeness. This begins the process of reformatting our genetic encodings (not the personal kind from our ancestors, but how the body functions as a human). This also shifts our personal perspective with understanding the “All That Is”;

Seraphim C gifts us with the crystal skull to aid us in integrating and stimulating our ability to incorporate sensory input more completely through the reformatting of the frontal lobe, enabling us to receive more fully our Earth plane existence and our advancement into this new paradigm. Additionally, Star Arinae, with Seraphim C, helps us to reformat our genetic makeup and brain processes;

Seraphim V aids us in operating with the coolness of the blue flame in order to operate in a state of Joy, Laughter, Thoughtfulness and Lightness by removing the cloak of fear. We begin to stand fully within our Truth;

Seraphim Z facilitates the full integration of life experiences including the release of deeply stored grief (unresolved grief creates fissures in our energetic body);

Seraphim K introduces the Merlin energy of magic as we learn to understand humanity’s relationship with the Earth plane and connect energetically to the Earth plane more effectively, lovingly, and purely.

Level I $150 USD

Level II $115 USD

Level III $115 USD

Level IV $115 USD

Level V $115 USD

Level VI $115 USD

Entire Package if paid in advance $652 USD

Lightarian Reiki ™ – Buddhic Track

Offers the most powerful, highest vibrational Reiki healing energies available!

 ightarian Reiki uniquely prepares you to deliver a broader spectrum of healing energies by extending the vibrational range of Reiki beyond Usui-based and Karuna® Reiki modalities.

Inspired by Ascended Master Buddha, Lightarian Reiki has been brought forth now to accelerate the healing process for humanity…focusing on expanding your abilities as a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner to channel healing energies of a higher vibrational nature for the benefit of others.

From Ascended Master Buddha, we have learned that there are a total of eight vibrational bands for the Reiki energy spectrum, with Lightarian Reiki occupying the six highest bands…

    * First Band… Usui-based Reiki

      These vibrational frequencies create the foundation for all Reiki energy work. After one is attuned to the Usui levels and works with those energies for awhile, an individual may feel compelled to move beyond this introductory stage….to accelerate his/her pace of spiritual growth and the raising of personal vibration.

    * Second Band… Karuna Reiki®

       As the individual feels motivated to continue to expand within Reiki, one can enter the second band of the spectrum occupied by Karuna Reiki.

    * Third to Eighth Bands… Lightarian™

       Reiki Beyond the second band, there are six additional higher bands of Reiki energy, called Lightarian Reiki, which offer the most powerful healing energies available from Master Buddha.

The 4 Levels of Lightarian Reiki Training

The six vibrational bands of Lightarian Reiki (Third to Eighth) have been organized through our effective teaching and attuning process into just four training levels. These four levels are called Lightarian Reiki I & II, III, IV and V & VI.

    * Level I & II: The majority of the principles of Lightarian Reiki are taught and your initial Lightarian attunement with Ascended Master Buddha is delivered at this level. This first training/attunement prepares you vibrationally to receive the attunements in the three higher levels.

    * Levels III, IV and V&VI: After receiving Lightarian Reiki I & II, the three advanced attunements progressively “step up” your energies into higher vibrational levels within the Reiki spectrum, connecting you into higher aspects of the Buddhic healing energies. Also, during each of the advanced attunements, an introduction and permanent connection is made with a different supportive celestial energy to enhance the healing process. These etheric beings have their energetic specialties and make unique contributions to the sessions.

LIGHTARIAN RAYS™ sourced from the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation

The Lightarian Gateway

The Lightarian Gateway program includes the following:

  • – usage expansion of the Crystal Skull and Blue Flame of Wholeness received through the Purification Ring program
  • – recoding of the body at the cellular level which will aid the individual to work better with energic vibrations and the Lightarian Gem Grid
  • – adjustments in the individual’s energy field, including the unified heart chakra
  • – and most importantly, collaboration with different Master ET groups and Seraphim groups to learn how to navigate physical realities and interdimensions more easily

The process of becoming a Lightarian is ongoing. As one accelerates the developmental process as offered through the Lightarian modalities, there will be a natural progression toward personal transformation manifested though the raising and increasing of personal vibration, expanding awareness, and the growth and depth of feeling, thinking, acting, living, and being. A stronger, clearer link between one’s lower incarnational self and Higher Self energies will develop. With the reunion of body, mind, and spirit to cleanse and raise the vibration of the mind and physical body to such a degree that they were reunited with Higher Self–all which occurred through the Lightarian Buddhic Track and Lightarian Angel Track programs–we are ready to expand our usage of the Crystal Skull, the Blue Flame of Wholeness, and the Unified Heart Chakra, as well as learn how to connect with the gem grid and navigate different dimensions, all with the help of our etheric friends.

Beings from other galaxies, dimensions, and energetic makeups have reached out to support and aid us in our human/global transformation. Aspects of two Seraphim groups, Seraphim C and Seraphim K, along with the Master ET energies of the Arcturians, Sirians, and Pleiadians, and other dimensional beings have come forward to offer humanity ways to unlock the new dimensional realities, enhance the connection of the physical body with the Lightarian Gem Grid, and improve their relationships with those on the Earth plane. Together, they have inspired unique gateway modalities which focus on the recoding and utilizaton of cellular coding within the physical body. We begin with the Crystalline Gateway, used as a platform to five other levels which will connect us to the gem grid and provide us with access to other dimensional realities.

These six forms of energy work have been inspired and channeled from those beings mentioned above as well as Star Arinae, other Master ET energies, and other energies from different realms. All of these forms of energy work attune recipients with the energies of the mentioned Masters, and they create direct, personal energetic connections between them and the recipient of the particular Gateway.

NOTE: The BuddhicTrack and The Angel Track programs are prerequisites for receiving the Gateway program.

Summary of the Gateway Levels:

Level 1 – Crystalline Gateway: awakening to a greater sense of who you are and Awakening to a greater sense of your purpose here at this time. As simple as is it may appear, the development of awareness, clarity, and understanding about these two fundamental aspects of life are at the heart of the spiritual awakening process, and they are enhanced and accelerated as you receive the Crystalline Gateway.                  $150

Level 2 – Ruby Gateway: inspired by the Arcturians. It focuses on infusing the physical body with the ability to draw forth, transform, and materialize what is on the Earth plane by enhancing your brain development and its connection with the Unified Heart Chakra. The Arturians will expand the abilities of the Crystal Skull by focusing on the somatosensory cortex of the brain, which processes sensory input from various systems in the body that are sensitive to touch. As your brain syncs up with the body, you will be able to develop your abilities to rely less on interpreting the physical, sensory input and more on energetic wavelengths and differing vibrations within the body and in the Earth plane. $115

Level 3 – Blue Apatite Gateway: inspired by the Sirians. It focuses on fine-tuning your personal vibration and infusing the physical body with the ability to collaborate and connect to the whole.The Sirians have stepped forward to build upon the work from Seraphim K by providing information and assistance with the harmonization and connectivity of the cells in the body. From Seraphim K in Purification Rings Level Six, you received golden notes within your throat chakra to aid with your harmonization with the Earth plane. The Blue Apatite Gateway attunement will strengthen, expand, and build upon this gift. Similar to a magnetic force, we will work with the concepts of the alignment of events, the alignment of individuals coming together, and the alignment of ideas. Our intention is to aid with elevating group endeavors.                                       $115

Level 4 – White Sapphire Gateway: the Pleiadians have stepped forward to provide us with energetic support as we work with the white sapphire. The density of the white sapphire is particularly important, as it works well with the Crystal Skull and the crown chakra. It will connect with the gems you received in the levels 1-3 of the Gateway program. The sequence of energy will run from the white sapphire to the Crystal Skull to the diamond to the blue apatite to the rubies, allowing for knowledge downloads. These downloads will include information for our cells on how to act, allowing us to work with the multidimensions. Dimensional knowledge is outlined in this level.                                               $115

Level 5 – Citrine Quartz Gateway: attunement inspired by the energies of angelic beings from the 7th and 8th dimensions. Although they have no actual name, we have been given permission to call them the group Aurora. They will focus on fine-tuning your personal vibration and infusing the physical body with the ability to differentiate and move among the dimensional realities.                                                             $115

Level 6 – Gem Grid Gateway: the group Aurora and the Seraphim have stepped forward to provide us with energetic support as we work to activate the Lightarian Gem Grid. In this level you will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded beings across the globe and throughout the dimensions without having to be in the same space. You will become an interdimensional being in its purest sense.             $115


Pay for all Gateway attunements in advanced for only $652

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