Prosperity Workshop

Have you ever wondered why you work so hard and find that money does not come as easily to you as others?? Divine Heart Connections can help you. This workshop is designed to get your life back on track where money is concerned. By removing energetic blockages and patterns from this life as well as past life’s learned behaviors. Words have energy and can impact your way of living. Perhaps in a past life you had vowed to live your life in poverty or you learned from parents that life is a struggle and so you believe making money is a struggle. In this workshop, we can break those self-limiting beliefs and behaviors through two pointing (releasing the stagnant, stuck energy). This class will raise your level of consciousness to higher realms and it is our goal to align you and your body with your spiritual journey and your original blueprint.
Benefits of this workshop include:                                                                                                    
  •  Create true inner peace within
  •  Bring a new level of clarity to yourself
  • Gain more freedom
  • Allow opportunity for prosperity
  •  Neutralize negative energetic patterns and behaviors

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