2Points 2Freedom

2Points2Freedom is a very powerful healing and stress-releasing modality that works in releasing energy blockages with a very easy and quick procedure that takes only minutes a day through the use of two-pointing. It is easy to keep stress levels down and energy blockages released with the use of this modality, for anything in your life.

In this fun-filled two day weekend workshop, you will learn to heal your life in ways you have never imagined. The objective of using the two point healing modality is to provide you with a simple, gentle way to open the door for healing to happen on a daily basis. Because we are emotional energy beings, we have the tendency to hang onto old emotional traumas from childhood to the now and present. In this workshop, you will learn how to release these energy blockages easily and effectively to promote radiant health and joy-filled living. You can two point yourself to sleep, two point headaches away, or two point relationships to create a healthier happy life. The possibilities are endless!

While 2Points 2Freedom is very capable of providing great results on its own, energy practitioners may find that incorporating this modality with other holistic modalities will make a great complement to their services as well.

Attending this workshop will allow you to learn about self-limiting beliefs and how to use the two point method to break old habits and pre-conditioned beliefs. By tapping into the zero point field, you change your belief system. This is where TRANSFORMATION begins!

I have learned many different energy modalities and I have found this one to be the simplest and easiest way to change energy patterns. Some people may call this a quantum energy technique or even quantum touch healing. However, learning to use this modality on a daily basis will help you in all areas of your life. For example, when you schedule an interview for a new job, two point yourself to help you relieve your stress and be calm. If you are selling your house, two point the energy around your house to make it the most noticeable and sellable house in your area, and then two point the buyers to pay the amount you want to sell it for. You can also two point the energy around finding the perfect house for you and your family.

This energy modality can and will transform your life. Let it be a part of your daily lifestyle.

Two Day Weekend Healing Class
Your Investment is $625

Day 1 of the workshop You will learn about:

  1. how ancient Hawaiian shamans and Christianity tapped into energy
  2. the qualities of becoming a Master of energy
  3. how to connect with Divine Source and Angels
  4. about the zero point field and self-limiting belief systems
  5. Alpha meditation states
Day 2 of the workshop You will learn about:

  1. Practicing this technique
  2. Releasing Resistance to healing and problem areas
  3. Self-Application
  4. Long Distance (remote) healing for others
  5. Receive a powerful attunement to open yourself up to Divine source and raise your vibrations
  6. Healing Genealogy and Family Issues

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