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Ascension Crystal Programming


Are you ready to ascend into higher states of consciousness? Personally programmed crystals help us to get there easily and effectively through the technique that Mary uses when programming crystals.

Mary works with your Higher Self, the Ascended Masters, and the Archangels to program Ascension Crystals to help you heal and release emotional energies and other energetic blockages from your lineage and/or your body may have. The crystals are programmed and downloaded with light codes and activated just for your ascension process. Ascension Crystals are made with Lemurian Seed Crystals and with your heart in mind.

Ascension Crystals


Beautiful, miraculous wonders and clarity has come in massive quick proportions since receiving my personally programmed Ascension Crystal from Mary. I am now able to reach deeper states while meditating, as well as miracles happening in the way of healing others. All of my manifestations are now instant. These crystals are profound, especially in clearing the path for healing and love.

Rebecca Redfern, Greensburg,IN

This is one high-vibing amazing crystal! It is so special to have it uniquely programmed for me. It is the favorite crystal in my collection and it is especially conducive for meditation. It carries all the correct vibrations to assist in my manifestations. The positive vibrations are just incredible. Thank you so much Mary!

 P. Manning, Carmel, IN

As soon as I received my ascension crystal, I slept with it on my heart center. My entire energetic body was expanded, cleared, and lifted into a higher frequency. I have continued to work with it and it has continued to activate my DNA and expand me into a consistent happiness and blissful state of being. My intuition has been enhanced which has helped my healing sessions and guidance with clients, become more detailed and clear. I have also noticed I am able to now maintain a balanced state of being through the various ascension energies at play. The programming Mary does to invite the crystal to work with your higher self to expand and accelerate your ascension process has been absolutely amazing for me!!! I have stepped into a 5th dimensional role being able to observe the energies at hand and helping to guide others through some challenging moments because of the upgrades I received from the crystal. Thank you Mary for your amazing gift!

 Angie Miller, Carmel, IN

I have purchased several crystals from Mary. One I purchased was programmed just for my ascension process. It is absolutely stunning. This particular Lemurian is the one I have the most connection with and actually sleep with it. It brings much peace and joy to me. Quite often I will use a jewelers loop to look inside the crystal after I meditate to see any answers to my questions. I have seen a rainbow and fairy. The second crystal I purchased was filled with energy from Mount Shasta volcano in California. This one often makes me feel the most energized ,but it can also bring tears. This crystal has helped me heal in ways I never knew I could.

Heidi Young, Bowling Green, KY