FAQ About psychic readings

I conduct Angel Readings to help you along your journey of finding your truth. Tarot cards are used to help guide me in intuitively receiving messages from the Angels as guidance only. Loved ones who have passed sometimes come through, however, it does not always happen that way. I cannot promise that a certain loved one will come through. It’s always a good idea to think about what questions you want answered before getting a reading as this allows your guides to provide the Angels with the answers you are seeking.

How do you receive psychic information during a reading?
I ask your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side in prayer to work with my spirit guides to offer you the most current and accurate information possible during a psychic reading. I receive information from my guides in the form of clairsentience (feelings), claircognizance (knowing), and clairaudience (hearing). Each one of my gifts happened and grew in different stages in my life.
How can you do a psychic reading over the phone, text or chat?
Energy is everywhere. Your spirit guides and my spirit guides are energy. They can communicate through energy. My gifts have grown in the past 15 years in being able to read energy wherever I am. You can be on the other side of the world and the information will come through.
What do I need to do to receive the best psychic reading?
The best readings come through when you are totally relaxed and open to receive information. Plus, if you come with questions, even better! If you talk to your own spirit guides prior to a reading, it will help a great deal. That way, your spirit guides can provide my spirit guides with the information that you are requesting.
How long have you been doing psychic readings?
I was a late bloomer when it comes to getting myself out there as a professional psychic tarot card reader. My journey started out learning about energy and how you can heal your body through energy work, and I became a master at it. Since I am already channeling spirit when providing healing sessions, spirit talks to me and gives me information about the person I am working on. Therefore, it was very easy to transition into doing professional readings.
Is it important how I ask a question during a psychic reading?e
Your question should be open ended. Meaning, the more open your question is, the more information is able to come through with details. Your spirit guides want to help guide you, that’s why they are there for you. Ask questions as if you are asking a friend.
Thank you for your trust in me. It is my pleasure to assist you in bringing clarity and compassion to your life. I am grateful to each and every one of you.
In loving gratitude,

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