FAQ’s About Reiki Energy Healings

History of Reiki - Usui Reiki was created by a Japanese man by the name of Mikoa Usui in the 1800’s who climbed to the top of Mount Kurama to meditate on how to help others’ heal. After 21 days of meditation and fasting on the mountain, he learned his answers of using Life Force Energy along with different symbols to create and manifest healing. Reiki is an alternative healing practice where you learn to tap into Life Force Energy and use it for healing your energetic body with the use of symbols and channeling Life Force Energy from the Universe to be given to the recipient. However, in 1994, the original manuscript of Usui states the practice originated from Gautama Buddha. In either case, Reiki has become a mainstream norm. Reiki has become quite popular over the years and because of this, doctor’s and chiropractic offices all over the world are beginning to treat the whole person (mind, body, and SPIRIT) instead of just the body and utilizing some form of energetic treatment. You can also incorporate other treatments with reiki, such as essential oils, binary beats, sound therapy, crystal healing, Integrated Energy Therapy ® (IET) (angel healing), and 2Points 2Freedom (quantum physics). Usui Reiki is a modality wherein the teacher will attune the student to receive the ability to perform this task. Each time a student is attuned to Reiki, it will release negative energies in that person and raise the students’ vibrational energy and turn on their ability to use Life Force Energy through channeling. There are three levels to Reiki, Level I is for the person to work on healing themselves. Level II is to train people to treat others, Level III, Master/Teacher Level is to teach higher levels of energy work, as well as, learning teaching methods to others.
Anyone can learn Reiki, including children. It is a very natural healing ability using Life Force Energy that is all around us.
What happens during a Reiki energy healing session?
Reiki is a method of energy healing wherein the recipient normally lays on a massage table fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner may or may not lay hands on. No matter, healing still works even if the practitioner does not lay hands on. Being in a relaxed state helps the energy flow better and more freely. When this occurs, healing happens and energy shifts within the physical body.
Are distant Reiki attunements effective?
Yes, distant Reiki attunements are just as effective as attunements performed in person.
Is remote Reiki healing sessions effective? Yes, remote Reiki Healing Sessions are just as effective as a session in person. Energy flows with the intention of the practitioner with the help of God/Universal Source and does not require a person’s physical presence
What does energy healing help with?
Energy healing helps you to relax, release stress, lower blood pressure, release headaches, release pain in the body, help speed up recovery from surgery and much more!
How will I feel after an energy healing session?
You will feel relaxed as though you could take a long nap or wake up feeling very refreshed. Most people indicate that it feels better than a massage as it gets the stress out of the muscles. Plus, people indicate that their body feels much lighter and refreshed after a session.
Do I need to be in the same physical location as my energy healer?
No, energy healing can be done remotely as it is the practitioner’s intention and direction to God/Universal Source that creates the healing to happen.
Who does the Reiki energy healing?
I work with the angelic realm for healing to happen. I have witnessed many miracles of healing during sessions.
Post energy healing session tips.
It is best to rest and relax (take it easy) after a energy healing session. Take an Epsom salts bath to remove any toxicities that has released from the body and eat a light organic plant based dinner to help the energies continue to move through the body. Also, it should be mentioned to drink plenty of water as well. As energies are released, your cellular structure will start moving faster in your body promoting dehydration. Therefore, drinking lots of water after a session is highly recommended.
Signs that Reiki energy healing is working.
You may begin to notice that your body feels lighter and more refreshed. There may be less pain in your body. Headaches and migraines are alleviated. When a person raises their vibration through energy work, they start to feel more joy and happiness.
Do I need to be awake during my Reiki energy healing session?
You do not need to be awake. You can rest and relax during the session, listen to music and just be at peace with yourself.
How long does an energy healing session last?
I recommend at least an hour session to help get all of the stress out of your body.
If I’m a Christian, how does Reiki affect me?
Reiki is not a religion and it is practiced by many different religious backgrounds. For those Christians who question whether Reiki is beneficial to them, I highly recommend reading the information located on www.christianreiki.org to help them with their questions about Reiki for Christians.

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