Ancestral Clearings Workshop

Are you ready for change? Help cleanse and clear your family lineage from repeating old thought patterns and behaviors by attending this zoom workshop from the comfort of your home. In this workshop, Mary with you will release negative energies from your family. Plus, release curses, hexes, spells and the like, from the family heritage. DNA is passed down through the family from generation to generation, it’s time to be the change for your family. Release energetic blockages from family members as well as yourself.

  • Remove curses, hexes, and spells against the family
  • Release negative energies that caused DNA patterns in the family. For example, anger, resentment, fear, shame, rage, victimization, guilt, shame, just to name a few

This is a group energy healing class provided to you via Zoom. This unified class will help you tap into your fullest potential when clearing your ancestral lineage. Instead of a private session, you can join in on a Zoom class with the energy of others at a much lower cost to you.

Contact Mary to schedule a class!


Please note that Mary has to have at least ten people signed up for this class to happen. Feel free to contact your friends, family members, and neighbors for a truly inspirational and energetic healing of the highest order.

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