House Cleansing

Have you ever walked into a house and felt something wasn’t quite right? Or have things occur in your home that seemed out of the ordinary? These feelings and incidents are not merely figments of your imagination, but represent residual energy fields left behind by the people who lived there before you. Everything in this world is surrounded by energy, including our bodies, our pets, and consequently our homes. We can pick up on these subtle threads of energy, which can be positive or negative. You may pick up on an uncomfortable feeling when you enter a home wherein a serious argument occurred or perhaps someone experienced intense sadness. This may have happened a long time ago, but the energy of the emotion still prevails nonetheless. Mary has been doing house cleansings and clearings for many years and is able to banish and remove negative energies and turn the energies into a much lighter feeling.

Mary works with the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Source. She has the ability to clear any lingering energies from your home and property, conducting what is called an “energy clearing”. Her keen perception enables her to tune in and assist them to leave your space. As a result, you will enjoy a greater sense of comfort in your home and a fresher, more relaxing atmosphere. Should you plan to sell your home, this clear, refreshed feel will encourage home buyers to enter your house and make them feel welcome and at ease. They will be able to see your home for the great space it is, without the interference of residual energies that you, and those before you, may have left.

Mary also has the ability to create angel vortexes of energy in the home as well, which creates a beautiful, loving and peaceful atmosphere for all to enjoy.

House Cleansing

All house cleansings are done remotely through Zoom or FaceTime

Cost is $500 for one hour

House Cleansing

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