What People Are Saying


I had a healing session with the wonderful Miss Mary on Saturday, June 13, 2020, and have to say I was and still continue to be blown away by her abilities. I felt so much lighter the rest of that day and my pain was finally starting to subside. I got up on Sunday and for the first time in 3 1/2 weeks my pain level went from a constant 7-9 all the way down to a 3-4! Plus, I have been able to move around and start doing things again. Thank you and I Love you my friend!!! You’re the best  Jenny Anderson Abell
Mary is a natural born healer who has the ability to tap into her intuition to help guide the healing process. Her true passion is to help and heal others. Highly recommended! Melissa Segner
I had been in the midst of a highly stressful personal journey that was requiring me to be emotionally strong, spiritually connected and thinking clearly. When my own efforts seemed to get me no where, I turned to Mary at Divine Heart Connections.
She was able to clear the negative energy around me, clip the tethers that were tying me to people that I needed to let go of and energetically heal some subconscious wounds that had been there for quite some time.
I highly recommended her! Beth Starr
Now I visit Mary regularly for “tune ups.” I can’t explain what Mary does, but I know that every time I go in for an energy clearing, my business improves and my passion for my business improves. It is remarkable.
Truly a gifted and incredible woman. I recommend her GREATLY!!! Katy Hubbard, Noblesville, IN
Upon entering Mary’s healing space, it felt very peaceful and safe. The music, singing bowls, and oils were very soothing to the senses. Mary is very easy to speak with, her technique felt natural, and the experience was very uplifting!  I felt much lighter after the session was over. I had a release of all stagnant energy. She was able to pick up on things with ease. Altogether, I am very happy with the experience. I will definitely be recommending friends and family! If this is something you are interested in, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Mary!  ~ Angelina Hobbs
Mary is a wonderful and gifted healer. I’ve had several sessions and really notice a difference in my life. She makes you feel so comfortable in her peaceful environment. You feel safe. Love her!! Daphne Foxen ~ Fishers, IN
First let me say what an honor it is to know you! You have influenced my life in so many ways. Each experience is more powerful than the last. I feel myself growing more and more spiritual every day and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me a sense of clarity and strength and I can’t begin to thank you enough for that. You are so gifted.
I thank God everyday that He led me to Mary.  Calm is what I felt as soon as she greeted me. My first energy session was amazing in so many ways. It drained/cleared me both physically,spiritually and emotionally. But in turn, it filled me with positive energy and it has continued to build me back up in all the same areas. Thanks to Mary’s calming energy and her connection with the angels, she has given me back my faith, my connection to God, and a positive belief in myself and now a connection to His angels. 
I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience her kindness and sessions.
Carol Doubler
Reiki Master – Teacher
Indianapolis, Indiana
The very structure of my body shifted with the progression of the treatment. My neck and shoulders realigned. My thyroid and throat had a sensation of being full and healthy. My voice even changed. My ribs and internal organs moved into place.
Absolutely amazing class! This modality of healing is a life changing awakening! This energy healing was something stronger than I have ever felt! I’ve been a energy worker for almost 20 years. I am a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer. The magnitude of energy I was working with was wonderful. The connections with the Angels is a gift that just keeps on giving. The energy of the love you feel for others, comes from a place little known by man. This class is life changing! I’m not the same person who walked into this class. I am forever changed. Class exercises are loaded with validation. To feel this level of energy is the best thing I have ever felt! Mary gently teaches & guides you through this class every step of the way. I encourage anyone who is reading this, take this class!! ~ Laurie Owen-Hood, Fishers, IN
I absolutely loved this and I am so happy that I was here. I loved the group of women that were a part of this with me. Mary did an amazing job teaching the modality (thank you!). There was equal time of work and play. I will recommend this modality to others. I would repeat it again! ~ Kathy K.
Having already studied one modality, I wasn’t sure what to expect and am so very happy to say this has been a beautiful learning experience with not only the instructor but all the class participants as well. Learning this method, I’ve realized how quickly issues can be resolved, the wonderful healing that can happen and the support of God, the Angels, and my loved ones! I would recommend this to my group of friends as this could be another strong tool in their belt. ~ Anonymou
I absolutely loved this and I am so happy that I was here. I loved the group of women that were a part of this with me. Mary did an amazing job teaching the modality (thank you!). There was equal time of work and play. I will recommend this modality to others. I would repeat it again! ~ Kathy K.
The treatment was both emotionally and physically intense for me. Each area she worked on I could feel the weight lift right out of me. The freedom brought tears to my eyes. The feeling of joy was over-powering as the energy rushed in and through these newly opened spaces.
Mary is one of the most amazing people I have ever met!
I had a healing treatment done on me and I don’t have anymore pain in my hands now. I also had a reading and it was awesome as well!
thank you so much, I will return! P.J.
Mary is a wonderful teacher💜. She has a big heart and such a sense of humor and kindness that shines through all her classes! If you get the opportunity to take one of her classes or get a reading or healing experience, please do. She’s amazing ❤️ Lisa Stasiak
Mary is the most talented and effective reiki/energy healer I have ever been to. She is grounded, practical and knows exactly what to do to help you heal and grow in a healthy, positive way. She is kind, caring and loving. I have also never met someone who understands how to use stones, oils and incense so well to further the healing process! Mary is a wealth of knowledge and the most skilled energy practitioner I have ever met, and I’ve met quite a few. You are always in good hands when you go to Mary. Nikki Anderson, Indianapolis
Thank you so much Mary for what you do! I’m so grateful for you. Leah Severson, Westfield, IN
Mary is a fantastic healer and intuitive. I highly recommend getting a session from her. I have received many healings and attended a few of her workshops. Especially the self-empowerment workshop. Mind blowing. Pamela Manning, Carmel, IN
Mary is an awesome, truly gifted & an amazing healer. I’ve had several readings done, and after each reading I feel amazing. Whenever I’m feeling down or feel some type of negative energy around me, I call Mary to get a reading. After my readings & or healing session I feel like myself again. She is very professional, & provides wonderful service in a timely manner. Thank you for being who you are & for providing such great service, you’re the best. Jewel Eubanks, Cincinnati, OH
Thank you so much Mary for what you do! I’m so grateful for you. Leah Severson, Westfield, IN
Mary is an extremely multi-talented energy worker with an incredibly high vibration. I absolutely love working with her! She has so many crystals, oils, and other fun things she uses during her sessions. My energy was highly messed up recently. Within two sessions, I felt better with higher vibrating energies surrounding me. Her office is gorgeous and I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Annie Sever-Dmitri
Mary’s purity and effectiveness of her healing’s are incredible. Each session always leaves me feeling so calm, peaceful and renewed. I look forward to more spiritual enlightenment and growth with you in the future.
Thanks for bringing so much love and light into this world.
Stacey Beeson
Noblesville, In
I look forward to every meeting I have with Mary and I hope to carry on my journey for a long while with her. 
Thank you so much Mary
A. Larson
Marion, Indiana
Mary’s healing ability and her loving kindness can calm and open anyone. I have directly experienced her energy sessions and distance healing treatment and it is powerful. Mary’s solid healing and psychic abilities and her loving heart must be experienced. Mary is my Healing Angel.
The 2 Points 2 Freedom workshop was amazing! It was basically two days of wonderland, packed with new insights and healing. There was certainly a feeling of connection within the group, and Mary made the whole process FUN and INTERESTING! All of the practice built my confidence, so now I’m getting results on my own. I would highly recommend this workshop to spiritual seekers looking to expand their consciousness and healing skills. ~ Jenn D. Indianapolis
I absolutely loved two point! It is IET #2 on steroids, but a beautifully integrated addition to other modalities. This incorporates all of God’s energies: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Since we all are energetic beings, 2 point addresses the lacking negative and pumps up the good positive energies. I will gladly practice this modality on a daily basis by incorporating it as my daily prayer. It is my hope that I can become my own master by showering my fellow brothers and sisters with love through 2 pointing. ~ Ellie C
I was so looking forward to this weekend. I knew it would be amazing, but the experience exceeded my expectations. It was a truly beautiful, enlightening experience. Mary is a beautiful soul overflowing with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I would highly recommend this class to everyone who is seeking enlightenment and wanting to help heal others. ~ Melissa S.
I first met Mary in 2014 when I received an angel healing and have continued to use her services and gone to events since. She has helped me to realize my own potential and be able to connect with my higher self and angels as well. Mary is loving, funny and REAL!!  Lisa Kaufman
literally found Mary through a divine meeting…I kept passing her vehicle and finally called to make an appointment.
She’s personable, professional, warm, and highly intuitive. Very very good at what she does.
​I’m a small business owner and I met Mary several years ago when I was a bit burned out and bored with my business. I hired her for a one-hour “energy clearing” not having any idea what that was.  
I left her place after my energy clearing and quite frankly I didn’t feel any difference at all. But about five days later, I had this inexplicable renewed passion for my business. I was driven to work on marketing, products, really every aspect of my business. It was as if someone lit a fire under me!
Mary is wonderful! She has helped me several times with clearing energy blocks and giving spiritual guidance that lead to breakthroughs that improved my quality of life. I highly recommend letting her work her magic for you! Amber Sheets, Frankton, IN
Mary’s healing energy work is amazing – powerful and, at the same time, gentle. She listens with an open heart and non-judgemental spirit to locate the dis-ease one is feeling then begins to quickly reset and realign. Her work is impeccable! Karen Adams, Terre Haute, IN
Today I learned what empowerment means to me. Thank you Mary Bannon for the wonderful gift you have provided to me. My body is tons lighter and I feel so good about moving forward in my life. Thank you! You are an Angel.  ~ Mary Beth
I had the pleasure of taking the self-empowerment class by Mary Bannon. What a great time we had with learning the steps to our own power!! She also helped me to clear negative energies that I had been stuffing for my entire life! It’s amazing how much lighter a person feels after releasing negative energies. Thank you Mary for your wisdom and knowledge. I enjoyed meeting you and I will be taking this workshop again!!  ~ Fran
What an amazing workshop! Took this workshop not really knowing what to expect and was blown away not only by the energies that came forth but also by the compassionate heart and love that Mary brings forth is this class. If you need help in enhancing your empowerment then this is the workshop that will help you along. Thank you, Mary. ~ Barb W
My mind got expanded SO much in this workshop. I realized my mind is a very powerful tool and that I am UNLIMITED. I got to release belief systems that was limiting my powers. I also got to work on issues that I didn’t even know I had with my Father. I learned so much and had a lot of fun in this workshop. – Kelly M
Mary has a beautiful heart and soul. She made certain that I had the information and tools to practice and perform energy work through Divine Heart Connections (DHC). She has a fun personality and is very loving and giving. This class exceeded my expectations in every way. Kathy, Carmel, IN

Mary is a wonderful and gifted healer. I’ve had several sessions and really notice a difference in my life. She makes you feel so comfortable in her peaceful environment. You feel safe. Love her!! Daphne Foxen ~ Fishers, IN
I received a healing session from Mary Bannon. Mary was able to help me release the limitations, restrictions, and fears that I had taken on throughout my life. I have been trying to release them myself for at least a year but to no avail. I didn’t realize just how bound I was until she started working on me. 

My pelvis that had been tilted and hip that was jammed for years, which wouldn’t respond to chiropractic treatment, moved into its rightful place. The pain is completely gone. The healing I received was nothing short of miraculous. More importantly to me than any of the physical healing is this new feeling of freedom. I feel like I can finally be myself. I felt stuck before, and now I’m fearlessly moving forward with grace and speed.
Neil Prall
Divergent Truth Energetics
2 points to freedom was the first workshop of its kind that I have ever attended. As a beginner learner in the energy healing field, I found the workshop to be very informative, easy to follow, enlightening, and healing. I leave with a much deeper and clearer understanding of energy, our ability to heal ourselves and others, and amazing new life long friends. The content was wonderful and I would recommend this or any workshop Mary offers. Mary’s delivery of the content and support throughout the process was helpful and truly beneficial. ~ Jenny P.