There is definitely a lot happening in the world right now. We have seen people heal through the awakening that something was unbalanced in how we treat all human beings. We have seen and are still in the midst of a global pandemic that caused unprecedented deaths. Our lives have been turned upside down with staying home and not getting to do exactly what we want to do. Lots of businesses have closed down because no one is out and about purchasing. We have seen people looting without a cause (the cause is they have always felt they have not been loved). The new year of 2021 will be a time of healing all of these wounds that have been ripped open for people to FEEL their EMOTIONS. It is our job to keep our vibrations high. When we judge, we lower our vibrations. Everyone is going through a time of upheaval. Destroying old behaviors is paramount to step into the Aquarian Age. We are finally here people. The dawning of a New Age. Let’s pray together to create a healthier more vital community for all to enjoy. May everyone stay healthy and enjoy our time here on Beloved Earth. Wishing each and everyone a healthy Happy Holiday and a Blessed New Year.